A Few Words on the History of the Max Planck House

In the 1960s, Prof. G. Melchers urged that a Guest House for guests and employees of the Institute (at that time the Institute of Biology) should be built. Thus arose, on Waldhäuser Hill, the Max Planck House as a service company for the Max Planck campus in Tübingen, which opened its doors on 1 April 1962. An extensive renovation took place in the 1980s, and modernization is carried out regularly.

The Team

The MPH is managed and run by a smoothly operating and well-coordinated team of, at present, 22 persons.
We train housekeepers and provide regular advanced training for our employees.


years of experience


meals each day

guest rooms

Our Team

[Translate to English:] Sonja Krainhöfner - Betriebsleitung

Sonja Krainhöfner

General Management

With vigor, heart, humor, and diplomacy she keeps the reins firmly in grip, her focus on the people, and the business running.

[Translate to English:] Remegius Büdding - Chefkock

Remigius Büdding

Kitchen Management/Stollsteimer GmbH

Competent and dependable: with his kitchen team he makes possible (almost) any culinary wish.


[Translate to English:] Tanja Wack - Assistentin der Betriebsleitung

Tanja Wack


As the General Manager’s “Right Hand” and Receptionist, she brings quick solutions, a good mood, and zest to the jobs at hand.

Hilke Luhmann

Management, Training/Housekeeping

Our Housekeeping Manager gets the trainees moving briskly and conscientiously, and takes care of the house and its events.

[Translate to English:] Roland Nehk Hauswart

Roland Nehk

House Maintenance

No one knows the house and its garden better. Wherever there is a problem, our facility manager is on the spot with advice and a practical solution.

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Sara Vaccaro
Stollsteimer GmbH

Olaf Voß
Stollsteimer GmbH

Francis Lindebaum
Stollsteimer GmbH

Christelle Rakotomalala
Stollsteimer GmbH

Francesco Spagnuolo
Stollsteimer GmbH

What our guests have said

  • Our heartfelt thanks for the outstanding organization and the smooth running of the symposium. All of the participants with whom I have spoken were very impressed.


    Andrei Lupas
    Managing Director MPI for Development Biology

  • It was a great pleasure to work with you. Everything went perfectly. The food was wonderful, and there was plenty of it! Your colleagues took great care of us and helped us to bring an interesting scientific program to a convivial finale.


    Birgit Sutter-Erbe
    President of the Inner Wheel Club

  • In the name of our managing director Prof. Stefan Schaal and myself, I want to extend our sincere thanks – for your great work, your energy, logistics, service and your strong nerves during our “Big Event” yesterday! Your professional and highly flexible support made an essential contribution to the success of all of these events which were so significant for the MPI for Intelligent Systems.


    Jane Walters
    Assistant to the Managing Director MPI for Intelligent Systems